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My Background


In 1988 - I found my passion for helping others as a Dance Instructor. I studied originally with the Fred Astaire Organization of dance.

Then proceeded to own a Stamford location from 1996-2002. In 2003 I opened Dance With Maria.

My professional competitive career was from 1989-2002. 

I have performed and taught teachers in Europe. Teaching teachers how to teach beginners to advanced levels. This makes me experienced in teaching men and women equally.

 I believe being able to share what you love and giving people what they want out of dancing is a treasure.

My background in music, has helped me to teach people how to understand rhythms and to apply it to dance.

I do not believe in teaching people just steps, as dancing is about understanding the music ,then being able to apply that to your movements and then how to be a good partner in dance.

In my 30 years professional  experience, I’ve gained the reputation to guarantee personalized learning. Learn for social events, hobby or just for you.

I also can teach or provide party services - 


*staff for team building, and stress reduction.

*Performing at formal events, MC/DJ and party entertainment

Specialties are: Latin dance as in Salsa, Cuban dances as Rumba, Bolero,

Argentine tango

Want to learn freestyle to club dancing/hustle dancing. As well as the formal dances in ballroom. Choreography for shows, weddings, parties and events.

Visit me for a try out session and consultation. I can also teach you at your location. 

You do not need a partner to take lessons with me. I hope you can come experience the benefits dance has to offer.


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“It’s not easy to find a teacher who is patient and really experienced in all aspects of dance. DANCE WITH MARIA is definitely one of them!” My Children used dance to help their ice skating performance. Their confidence level was not where it needed to be in the competitive area. Dance helped their posture and personal styling  to  their skating from dancing.They became more animated and stylized. They have learned  so much, and love sharing their new skills with me.” Actually now my husband and I have started with Maria. So I suggest everyone should at least try it.

Riley Jones

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Maria is the best dance instructor ever. Many dance instructors give private lessons for 45 minutes, but with Maria she gives them for one hour which is good enough to learn how to dance for beginners. She can help you learn specific dance routines from old TV shows, movies and dance routines from She is very dedicated to help her students to learn what they want. What I love about Maria is that she gives private lessons by appointment and she can come to Long Island which I live close by. She gives packages of private and group lessons at an affordable price. She allows her students to wear whatever they feel comfortable when taking dance lessons. I recommend having Maria as a dance instructor. 7/30/18


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Michelle Velez

woman 8

If you want to be an overnight sensation, Maria can do what most teachers cannot. No teacher has ever been able to identify and solve our missteps as quickly as Maria. I noticed a difference at the very first lesson. She can help your guy be a better lead and she can teach you how to move your hips. We've attended our fair share of dance lessons over the years. Several months in she is still helping me perfect my skills and the entire time it feels like a fun party. Don't waste time with anyone else. She is the best choice, hands down.

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