Dance Lessons and Specialties

Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Success in learning depends on finding the right Dance Instructor and being positive about learning.  It takes time to progress and an open mind. It is a wonderful activity like a sport.

Your instructor should be someone who knows the subject well and understands how you learn to be able to teach you to fit you. My teaching style focuses on personalizing lessons to fit you. I am confident to teach you how to dance. But you wont know till you try it- so come try a session mini lesson  first and then we can design the right program for you.


A special social get together with other dancers to practice your dancing.

We hold them in the studio and at other venues. Meet others who enjoy dancing and want to improve their dancing. We also organize dance weekends, cruise and can also come to your events to perform, teach, mc or dj.

Go to special events.

Location-please call 203 570-5440 to drop in.

***75  3rd Street (lower level) 

Stamford, CT 

(Old Stamford Athletic Club) free parking

Private lessons-by appointment 

To attend Workshops -must be reserved