Dance Services and Specialties

Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Success in learning depends on finding the right Dance Instructor and being positive about learning.  It takes time to progress and an open mind. It is a wonderful activity like a sport.

Your instructor should be someone who knows the subject well and understands how you learn to be able to teach you to fit you. My teaching style focuses on personalizing lessons to fit you. I am confident to teach you how to dance. But you wont know till you try it- so come try a session mini lesson  first and then we can design the right program for you.


You will-Dance With Maria

Private lessons are customized sessions to fit your goals, schedule and needs. 

Here the time is for you only with me. You will be in a private studio not shared with others.

I also am a traveling professional I can come to your home or location for lessons.

We know dance can be an uncomfortable feeling at first to try. We offer private space to help you focus,

Sessions options can be 30 minutes and up.
On a Private dance lesson, you will learn:

1- Music-how do you know what to dance to and how to find the rhythms

2-Partnership- how to hold and connect with your partners. You will gain confidence to be a assertive leader or a better follower to go anywhere and dance

3-Balance-how to have  be graceful, and smooth. Also we work on good footwork. How to use your body to move to fit the dances.  (dance shoes will also help when learning to support your feet)

4-Styling- here we will personalize your dancing to fit your vision

Private dance lessons are the most direct way to learn.

Sometimes I also recommend- to add on semi-private group sessions to practice with others what I teach you in a social setting before getting out there.



A new client  try out -&  meet-

Come try different dances or see how I teach. 

 Programs can then be customized to fit you. 

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I specialize in Semi private Group Lessons.

Which are not like the usual group session with too many people  in it- that it is hard to concentrate and its taught too fast.

This is like a shared private with a few other students.

The studio is reserved only for this class. It starts with  practice time when you arrive, then the workshop working on the patterns and combinations, and then stay and review/practice after.

I keep these sessions smaller so I can work with each student closely. 

You do not need a partner to join, as you can learn to dance with different people. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Go to calendar page to see what courses are offered.

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This is a private lesson shared by 2 people  or a session with just couples. Almost like a special date night!

 If you have a partner you can bring them or organize your own group of people in a private setting. Design a date night with your mate or other couples. We design sessions to fit your needs. Learn with your partner for a new activity, event or a social outlet. 

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Performance Lessons

Be challenged or perform

A course designed for someone that wants to perform or work on dance sport goals.  Dance with a professional as your partner at competitions or events. Or join a team of dancers learning choreography.

I can take you to the next level and compete or perform with you. 

Need to  be challenged or learn all the details -this is called dance sport.

We offer a yearly choreographed event, competitions, or lessons to perform at your special event.

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Special Events/Party needs


*Have a special event as your wedding? Are you lost about  your first dance?

I am here to help you  with your music and your first dance and more. 

*Are you going to a formal dance or have a special date

that you have no idea how you will dance?

We will get you moving at your event. How about learning for someone special

or schedule a dance date night

with someone> What a great idea.

How about your guests? Bring us to teach them to shake it. 

Do you need a place to have your party?

We can help  you with our locations.  We rent our facility for parties too.

We can Dj, or keep the party going ! We can handle food, and waitstaff .

I can also perform, dj or teach  at your events.


We have  weekly Thursday night & monthly weekend practice socials at area restaurants.

These are special social get togethers with other dancers to practice your dancing.

 Meet others who enjoy dancing and want to improve their dancing.

We also organize dance weekends, cruise and can also come to your events to perform, teach, mc or dj.

Go to special events.

Female power of never giving  up! _Missing you ladies! Dance love and dance!