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FAQ-Everything You Need to Know

What are common dances today we should learn?

Although you might not know what some of these dances are- we can help you to figure out what to dance to what you hear. Some dances are more versatile and some are more specific. These days learning dances you can adapt to different styles of music are  a lot of fun and you will get more from your learning experience.

*Rock, Blues oldies- we can dance Swing.

*Disco, Motown, 70's, Dance, Pop, etc-we can learn Hustle.

*Big Band, Sinatra, Oldies 1940's , etc - Foxtrot, Latin Music-

*Salsa, Bachata and more. Just to name a few,.  But it is also about the kind of music you like also.

Where do you hold your lessons?

Our main studio is in Stamford. A private space with mirrors, and great wood floor.We also will teach at your location. We also host dance practice nights at area restaurants.  Being a independent teacher allows me to travel.

Do I need a partner?

No you do not, as you should first concentrate on your skills and then you will become more confident to dance with anyone. You can also always meet others at my group or socials to practice with. Practice is very important anyway.

How long does it take to learn?

This is always a hard question. As it will vary on how often you take your lessons to retain what you learn. Do you practice in between your sessions. As learning has its stages- with dance it is learning the moves, the music and partnership just to start. Give yourself time to learn. Nothing comes overnight. 

What kind of shoes should I wear?

It is important to wear a shoe that has support and flexibility. We don't recommend sneakers, boots or shoes without a back to them. I can show you dance shoes that will help you progress quickly, and teach your feet to move properly.

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