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Dance is healthy activity to keep you young


I had a client a few years back that had battled cancer twice and was getting up in his years.

His wife had died and he suffered severe depression and his health was getting worse because he never went out anymore. One day he received a phone call

from our studio awarding him a free class as part of try out promotion we were running.

He finally decided to come out and try it. When he arrived I was scheduled to teach him. He could hardly walk, his poster was not upright, and he was walking with a cane.The first thing I said was "how is the man going to dance"

He explained to me that when he was younger he and his wife used to take dance lessons and enter competitions. They danced at weddings and weekly dance socials. But after she died he didn't have the desire to dance again. They had such a love for music and dancing that it became their weekly date night . After she died dancing died with her.

So he stayed home for 5 years doing nothing,in a severe depression. Till the day we called him.

All it took was a little swing music and he threw down his cane and it all came back. Tony was his name and I had him as my student for the next 3 years and made all of us eat our words. Dance lessons put him back in shape, helped him with his memory by learning new moves and got him out meeting new people. His children said that at age 80 he was moving like he did when he was 60. Either it was the music working through him or the energy it gave him, we were happy to have danced with him.

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