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IS Swing dance back?

Swing dance goes back as far as the 1920's. Many forms of swing have developed over the years and there are many styles depending on the speed of the music and your preference. We have Balboa, Lindy hop, Shag,Jive, East Coast, West Coast, 8 Count lindy hop, etc.

So Swing has never left it has just had children of different rhythms and eras. So you maybe haven't learned it or been around the whole Swing culture, but its hopping. The dance is primarily started to faster Rhythms of big band,rag time etc then moved to rock ,blues and really anything you can find the 8 count beat to. It is a great dance that is energetic, a great workout for your legs and totally carefree to also be creative.

Try our Swing series on Tuesday nights and see how we are swingin!! Join our Swing Smingle Party dance August 6 at St. Anns Club in Norwalk- Live band and dj

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